Laser Scanning


At Tilt Inspection, we use a combination of Handyscan laser tools, Pipecheck™ software and ultrasonic testing (UT) technologies to achieve the most accurate corrosion and defect assessments possible.
Laser scanning provides true wall thickness assessments, ILI correlations, corrosion assessments on mechanical damage with a pipe straightening feature.
These assessments include the external wall loss and remaining strength calculations of a pipe’s burst pressure.

3D Laser Assessments:

Corrosion Scanning
Geometric Anomaly
Mechanical Damage
ILI Correlation
Strain-based Calculations

Laser Scanning Advantages:

1. Highly-accurate Repeatable Results
2. Burst Pressure Calculations (ASME B31G Compliant)
3. Easily Correlates In-line Inspection (ILI) Data
4. Strain-based calculations (ASME B31.8 Compliant)
5. Pipecheck™ Client Viewer
6. Intuitive Reporting
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